Precious Jewels of the Garden

Jewels: precious possessions of great worth; rare excellence; great durability.

Precious: of great price or value; excessively delicate; of great spiritual worth.

They are of great calming of my soul adding to the great wonders of god and nature,
also likes to put things into perspective.
They can give you encouragement and strength because they always just keep on going.
They are pure pleasure how they zoom in and hover around the feeders and flowers.

The Hummingbird

Came the spring, I picked a corner and
set my mind to making a flower
garden in the midst of this mass of
weeds unattended through
Winters toughening of the soil.
I tilled, and pulled, and turned, and broke, and bled...
The soil was perfect now...
But, alas! The puppy was fervent in her efforts to help me dig!
So I cut, and I sawed, and I nailed,
and created the most beautiful little picket fence with a gate.....
and planted a tree......
and planted my flowers...
and tended and watered and weeded
and nurtured all through the Spring and Summer months....
To this day, this perfect Autumn morning,
while standing in my doorway,
sipping that first cup of coffee....
I saw the fast-beating wings of that little faerie,
flitting from flower to flower...
was all worth it in that one moment.
Written by: Christopher Griffiths      ( jammin_stonecold_4_fun)

At 94

Pop started to spend more time
on the front porch than his workshop.
He watched barn cats disappear under cars
and the tractors under the overshoot,
while their kittens pounced
on unsuspecting crickets.

“Yes we have no bananas” never got old
nor did, “You are growin’ and I am shrinkin’”

And with great excitement
he would tell us how many hummy birds
had visited the Rose of Sharon today.

No one dared to tell him
the visitors were impostors.
Fuzzy bellied moths with a pair
of wings that hummed and hovered
before the blossoms.

He passed believing he was leaving
his great grandchildren a world
with more hummingbirds than ever.

And kittens that caught crickets in the grass.

Written by: Christopher Griffiths      ( jammin_stonecold_4_fun)


Winged Jewel

With wings spun of silver and hearts of gold,
These tiny creatures our hearts behold.
With angelic features and colors so bright,
Make even the heaviest heart seem light.
The magical way they flit through the sky,
They appear, then vanish in the blink of an eye.
They're sending a message for us to retrieve,
Anything's possible for those who believe!

Written by: Christopher Griffiths      ( jammin_stonecold_4_fun)


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